Post and Courier Mentions

  • Keisi
    Posted at 14:40h, 04 August Reply

    My parents used to watch Jack all the time and I reebmmer him well to this day. He’s accomplished amazing feats of fitness as have you Dean. Definitely fitting that you got a chance to meet him during a 500 mile Eliptigo ride. Very cool. Awesome to see so many bloggers able to hook up at the LA Marathon. Some year I hope to run that one..Marcus,Congrats on that PR!! Amazing after 20 the day before. Molasses man? Not in my book. Your an inspiration! Congrats to your buddy as well. Very brave getting out there so soon after such a loss. Jason Eads,Awesome job!! Congrats on conquering 100.. Great time as well.Congrats Vickie, Dan, John and all who participated in the LA Marathon..Amy, good to hear from you as well =) hope all is well..Enjoy the miles everyone!

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