Phillipians 4:13

Phillipians 4:13

Hi! My name is Summer and this is my first Half Marathon ever! Two things have brought me to this event. First, breaking my weight loss plateau and second, the urge to run! However, during my training I have learned a few things about myself. I have always felt like a quiter. I actually have a history of quiting things when things get too hard and believe me I wanted to back out of this race plenty of times. I have spent a lot of time praying and everytime I would cry out I can’t do this, God would bring Phillipians 4:13 to mind. With that verse, the added benefit that I have paid a registeration fee, and now the paid for hotel room backing out doesn’t seem like an option. The Charleston Half Marathon for me will be proof that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (phil 4:13) and that I am not a quiter! I can’t wait to see y’all there. 🙂

  • Richard Plummer
    Posted at 16:12h, 26 November Reply

    Summer, welcome to the club! I am a part of TEAM 413 and will be down there for the full along with several others from the team. Our shirts will all qoute the verse Phil 4:13 and would be happy to get you one, if you wish. Take care and God bless!

  • Elly Montgomery
    Posted at 13:38h, 27 August Reply

    Thank you, Summer! What an awesome post, and a great reminder! Yes, when the training gets hard and we want to give up, we should turn to Christ who gives us strength!!
    A half marathon is terrifying to me! I’ve been running for about 7 years, and also started Crossfit 1.5 years ago. A shoulder injury has “forced” me to scale back on some of the lifting, and I’ve decided to fully embrace my love of running again by celebrating it with the Charleston half!! Woohoo!
    God bless and hope to see y’all during the festivities!

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