David Quick Q&A with new Marathon Director, Liz Alford

  • Kama
    Posted at 14:19h, 04 August Reply

    Dean,I met you and Brian tonight near Santa Cruz with my wife Ky and baby Gracie. We spoettd you down a treacherous section of Old San Jose Road into Soquel, or at least we tried I told you briefly of my story, how both of my parents unexpectedly died last year, how that, watching your film, (and of course my wife and baby) totally inspired me.To jog your memory, I asked if I could tell you a short story of how you inspired me. I lost 40 pounds and reversed my type-2 diabetes, to where I’m no longer even considered diabetic and am totally off of all medications. I still have a long way to go and many goals; 3 10k’s this summer and the Big Sur half marathon in November . 26.2 is a goal for 2011 for over 15 years, I’ve had a recurring dream of me running, free not away from anything but just for the joy and freedom of it Meeting you makes my dream seem so much more tangible somehow.It was a terrific blessing to meet you, a real-life hero. My wife Ky was just as thrilled as me to meet you. We will treasure this memory. It will be fun to show Gracie the picture of us and tell her the story when she’s older. You and Brian were tremendously gracious to give us a few minutes of your time as darkness was coming on strong, and I didn’t want to waste a minute. We wanted to escort you but thought that would freak you out a little bit, so we drove on I wish I could have offered you an ice cold beer, but Ky reminded me we should have offered you a jacket it was pretty cold out. We prayed and will continue to pray for your safety (and everyone with you, such as your good friend Brian) and for you and your family to be richly blessed. I will keep my eye on your adventures that continue to inspire me and countless others, and I plan to keep you updated from time to time on my victories. I won’t drink out of my 26.2 coffee mug until I complete my first marathon I’ll send you a picture when I do!I want to thank you for who you are, and the example you set. I am totally inspired and motivated by you to reach and strive for my own dreams and goals, and to push my beyond my own perceived limits.God continue to bless you Dean Karnazes! Thank you!Matt BradberrySanta Cruz, CA

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