Capstone Event Group Race Ambassadors

We’re looking for runners who are excited about Capstone Event Group, their communities, and encouraging others to get active and healthy! Our ambassadors will help promote Capstone Event Group – our brands, our races and our values – throughout their community via social media and interactions with runners at local run clubs, races, expos and other events!

Capstone Event Group includes:
  • Race 13.1 Series
    • St. Louis, Raleigh-Spring, Charlotte, Raleigh-Fall, Nashville, Baltimore, Durham
  • Resort Races Collection
    • Pinehurst Half Marathon, The Half Marathon at Pebble Beach®, The Greenbrier Half Marathon, Sea Island Half Marathon
  • Charleston Marathon
  • Myrtle Beach Marathon
  • Hamptons Marathon
  • City of Oaks Marathon

Capstone Ambassador Expectations:
  • Promote on social media platforms and blogs
  • Represent your race(s) at expos, run club meet-ups, races, etc.
  • Connect CEG staff with local partners, charities, volunteer groups and corporations
  • Distribute event-specific material (i.e. flyers)


Capstone Ambassador Perks:

  • Free entry to the race(s) you are promoting
  • Capstone Event Group or event-specific swag (as available)
  • Discount code to share
  • Social Media spotlight on event-specific Facebook event and Instagram account
Interested in becoming a Capstone Event Group Race Ambassador? Just fill out the form below to apply!