Half Marathon • SATURDAY, January 14, 2017

Event Details

  • Start Time: 8:00 a.m.
  • Start: Near Joe Riley Stadium at 330 Fishburne St. Charleston, SC 29403
  • Finish: Near North Charleston High School at 4720 Jenkins Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405
  • Route: The Charleston Half Marathon is scenic 13.1 mile run that will showcase the beauty and the history of the Lowcountry, starting in downtown Charleston and ending in North Charleston. [View and Download Course Map below].
  • Course Entertainment – Music and performance groups from our local schools and community will dot the course to keep you moving!
  • Aid Stations: Please see below for a list of half-marathon aid stations and their supplies:
    Stop # Distance Aid Station Overview
    1 1.8m Water, Gatorade
    2 3.6m Water, Gatorade
    3 5.5m Water, Gatorade, Jelly Beans
    4 7.8m Water, Gatorade
    5 9.8m Water, Gatorade
    6 11.7m Water, Gatorade
    7 12.5 Water
    8 13.1m Water, Recovery Food
  • Porta-Potties:  There will be porta-Potties at every Aid-Station. There will also be indoor bathrooms at the start and finish with additional Porta-Potties and hand washing stations.
  • Clothing Drop: There will be a bag drop at the start, and at Aid Stations #2 and #3. You must label them clearly with your bib number and they will be available at the finish area for pick-up after the event. We cannot be responsible for any items left after the event.
  • Minor First Aid: We will have minor first aid kits with Band aids, Vaseline, Moleskin, etc, at Aid Stations 4, 5,  and 6.  These will be self-serve.
  • Support: There will be ham radio, medical, police and EMS personnel throughout the course, as well as dozens of course volunteers keeping our participants and spectators safe!
  • Time Limit: The course has a 6.5 hour limit.  Half Marathon participants must be able to run or speed walk the first 8 miles of the course no slower than a rate of 4 mph to exit the City of Charleston by 10:00 am (2 hours). This will be strictly enforced by local authorities, for the health and safety of our participants, as the course will then be opened to traffic.

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