1st Annual Charleston Youth Marathon T-shirt Design Contest

Youth Marathon T-Shirt Design 2014The Charleston Marathon wants to recognize our local budding artists. We are looking for one image to represent our 2015 Youth Marathon on our t-shirts.
One winner will be selected and will receive $100 and the recognition of being the 2015 Youth Marathon t-shirt artist!  2nd place will receive $50 and 3rd place will receive $25.

Contest Specifications:

1. Open to all CCSD students

2. All print media acceptable (recommend at least 3 colors for best reproduction).

3. Design should include one or more of the following elements:

  • Charleston scenery
  • Youth
  • Fitness/Running

4. All entries must be submitted to info@charlestonmarathon.com with the subject line 2015 Youth Marathon t-shirt design contest, by October 1, 2014. Our panel of judges will choose the winners and they will be notified by October 14, 2014.

5. All entries become the property of the Charleston Marathon, which will retain permission and all legal rights to artwork, including all reproductions and photographic rights.

6. The winners selected must certify by signature that the work is original artwork produced for the purpose of the specific 2015 Charleston Youth Marathon T-shirt design contest.

Check out the Full Marathon Course Ridethrough Video!

We recently took a ride through the Charleston Marathon Full Marathon course so you could get an idea of the terrain and what you’ll see along the way! Give it a look!


It was at the 2013 Half Marathon finish area that my husband (Robert Rieckman, bib #3582) had a heart attack and we spent the following week at MUSC. He’s recovering now and just got the ok to start running again. I’m prettty sure we won’t be back in 2014, but perhaps 2015?

After the Finish

My husband, Robert, and I came to Charleston to run the Half Marathon and planned to return the next day to Michigan. After the finish line, (also the shrimp and grits line,) but before the shuttle back to our hotel, we took a side trip to MUSC. My husband had emergency heart surgery. Here we went, still in our running clothes, bibs pinned to our chests, straight to the cardiac cath lab, and then to surgery. All along the way, we were helped by the wonderful city of Charleston. Thank you to many, many, people who’ll never know how grateful we are.

My wife got cancer, I started running

For years I have struggled with my weight, topping out in the mid-270s, which put me as much as 90 pounds overweight. Then my wife was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in June of 2012, at the age of 33, only four months after having our fourth child.

This served as a wake up call as, despite my wife having good odds of beating the cancer, I thought through many of the possible scenarios, including having to raise four children on my own. So by the end of August, I became serious about running.

Since then, I have lost 50 pounds, I have actually exceeded the planned distances on the training scheduled I used to prepare for the Charleston Half Marathon (actually running the complete half distance five weeks prior to the race), and on January 19, 2013 I will run the first race in my life.


Have family here in Charleston that have never seen a marathon, and are excited to watch the race. This will be my 8th marathon. I’m running for all the people my husband and I lost last year with their battle of cancer, too many to name!

Marathon Week

As we all prepare for the race on Saturday, I’ve written a short blog post about my experience. Like many, this will be my first marathon, and I’m feeling so many emotions that I can’t even put it into words. Training for this marathon has easily been the most life-changing event in my life thus far, and finishing the race will simply be the cherry on top of an already awesome sundae! :)


Phillipians 4:13

Hi! My name is Summer and this is my first Half Marathon ever! Two things have brought me to this event. First, breaking my weight loss plateau and second, the urge to run! However, during my training I have learned a few things about myself. I have always felt like a quiter. I actually have a history of quiting things when things get too hard and believe me I wanted to back out of this race plenty of times. I have spent a lot of time praying and everytime I would cry out I can’t do this, God would bring Phillipians 4:13 to mind. With that verse, the added benefit that I have paid a registeration fee, and now the paid for hotel room backing out doesn’t seem like an option. The Charleston Half Marathon for me will be proof that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (phil 4:13) and that I am not a quiter! I can’t wait to see y’all there. :)



Tom from Kalamazoo

I am 47 and have been running for 3 years having used this activity to prepare for adult league hockey and competing against players 15 plus years younger than myself. I started off using Nike software and my i-touch to determine how I was doing and plannning my workouts and found with time that my true love was being able to improve my running ability and hoping hockey didn’t get in the way. I have switched to using GPS technology and that actually has made training easier in getting ready for the Bayshore Marathon and Chicago Marathon. I look forward to being in the South and being able to race in January while everything is frozen over here in Kalamazoo.

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