Our Charity – Youth Endowment for the Arts

All proceeds from our events benefit the R. Keith and Deborah C. Summey Youth Endowment for the Arts (YEA), a local non-profit that supports fine arts programming in Charleston County Schools.

YEA started in 2000 as a brand new way to enhance the educational experience of children in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. YEA serves all children in Charleston County by providing support to programs that increase equity in the arts for our youth

Research proves that children need the arts! Test scores support the need for arts education for children, and show that the arts do make a difference. Finding a way to support children’s exposure to art can change their lives

In 2011, the Charleston Marathon raised $40,000 for the YEA, and that number increased by 50% in 2012, when we donated $60,000 to the YEA. This year, $80,000 was presented to YEA from the proceeds of the 2013 Charleston Marathon. These moneys are used to fund grant requests from Charleston County Schools for arts programming.

Visit the YEA Website